The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name. Confucius

 DCF is Massachusetts is ruining families

– As of: 13, December 2017   there are 2,424 of your neighbors who say YES –

Thousands of people have come forward to PROTEST your SOCIALIST + HUMAN TRAFFICKING CORPORATION,  known as, The  MASSACHUSETTS Department of Children and Families  of MASSACHUSETTS (DCF) 

DUNS number: 878509116             FYI:  Socialist Corporatism = Fascism 

 Oh, if you don’t know what i mean by SOCIALIST get the basic idea: CLICK HERE

Charlie Baker,  How many atrocities have to happen from misconduct associated to YOU before you do decide redress is appropriate.   Charlie Baker,  you are THE MAN responsible to [wo]man for harm, injury and loss.  You have an obligation to supervise and monitor your subordinates.   Under your supervision countless  disgusting acts of paternalism and presumed superiority by YOUR corporations employees. Said corporate employees, who demonstrate lawless behavior on your behalf,  i’m certain to be repugnant of the solemn Oath you have sworn …. So help you God;
 Charles Baker,  the above linked Petition is only a one SMALL example of the HORRIFIC  Truth that Massachusetts is Human Trafficking and mainly Child Trafficking by way of Person Trafficking 

We find as of 6-11-2018 Another 33,000  have come forward to speak out about Human Trafficking  

CPS family court corruption

How many will it take before you admit the Truth that Massachusetts commits Human Trafficking?  You See all you smart people of Massachusetts  it doesn’t matter if you call it CPS, Child Protection Services, or DCF, Department of Children and Families or DSS,  Division of Social Services  or DHS, Department of Human Services.  It’s all the same Evil organization and i venture to say that all the different names for it is to make it hard to pin down.  Why else would it not be all the same name?   I found, in fact, six different names for the same Child Trafficking  organization and some names were even in the same Place Massachusetts for example use to be DSS and now it’s DCF.  Why the name change? So when we look at the people who come forward to say DCF is Human Trafficking and destroying Families we don’t get to the see the people who say CPS is doing this or DHS and or whatever and so i am saying this is part of the propaganda — the use of different names for the same organization.    

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