Michael Gurian Takes Down the APA Guidelines

Michael Gurian Takes Down the APA Guidelines

January 17, 2019 by Robert Franklin, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

This is the third in my series on the APA Guidelines for Practice with Men and Boys.

To bring a much-needed helping of sanity to the subject of the psychology of men and boys comes the ever-excellent Michael Gurian (The Federalist, 1/14/19).  Gurian is a world authority on the brain chemistry of males and females and on differing therapeutic approaches to each.  Over the years, he’s penned some 32 books, at least one of which made the NYT’s Best Seller list.

His point in his Federalist piece is that men and boys aren’t just products of our culture and they’re not uniquely privileged by it.  They have their own male-specific brains and biochemistry and any effort (like that of the APA) to relegate them to an ideologically-skewed set of traits that must be eradicated is to do far more harm than good.

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