Paternity Fraud ‘Can be Devastating for Men’

Paternity Fraud ‘Can be Devastating for Men’

robert franklinAugust 9, 2019 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

Few publications I’ve read deal adequately with the issue of paternity fraud, but this piece is an exception (VeryWell, 7/12/19).  It’s an accurate and informative article that men, particularly young men, should familiarize themselves with.

Paternity fraud occurs when a man is led to believe he’s the father of a child when in fact he’s not.  Fortunately, few women engage in the practice, but when one does, she can give rise to a host of ills for him, the child and the biological dad.

Misattributed paternity can be devastating for men who have spent years believing they are biologically tied to a child, only to later learn that they actually share no DNA. In addition to the emotional pain caused by paternity fraud—which affects the biological father, the non-biological father, and the child at the center of it—victims of misattributed paternity may have been paying child support for years.

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