Shared parenting bill moving through legislature

Shared parenting bill moving through legislature

“Keep your eye on Missouri shared parenting HB1667! National Parents Organization’s MO Affiliate Chair, Linda Reutzel, and her members spearheaded the effort to introduce this issue to Rep. Kathy Swan back in 2014, and continued their campaign to educate the public and legislatures about the need for shared parenting and the need to pass this important bill.  We applaud Rep. Swan for her support of HB 1667. NPO will continue to watch as this moves up to the Governor’s Office for final signature.”

Alisha Shurr

JEFFERSON CITY, MO. — A bill establishing the presumption that equal parenting time in custody arrangements is in the best interest of the child is moving through the Missouri legislature.

HB 1667, sponsored by Rep. Kathryn Swan, was heard in the Senate Committee on Seniors, Families and Children on Wednesday morning. The House approved the bill 137-7 at the beginning of April.

The legislation is a follow-up to an “equal parenting bill,” HB 1550, that become law in 2016 that supporters say is not being properly enforced in some courts.

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