The Attempted Murder of David Mabardy

The Attempted Murder of David Mabardy

Amended 11 January 2019 Exhibit E, F

Amended 27, September 2018 to include Exhibit D

– Public Notice –

Sent to Massachusetts Department of Internal Affairs Cambridge, Boston,  for Investigation 5-29-2018

Claimant David Michael Mabardy  (Herein The Aggrieved)  claims that U.S. state, corporation of Massachusetts, agency, Department of Children and Families, by it’s employees and other [wo] man sitting as assumed public officials did, do and continue, knowingly, willfully and intentionally without regard for Human Rights commit Attempted Murder against the Aggrieved  with intention to continue harm, injury and loss, by way of ad-homonym attack, character assassination, stigmatization and the waging of War against the man commonly known as David Mabardy after falsely classifying him as a Terrorist.  The Aggrieved presses claim due to being in fear for his life. 


1. Attempted: having been tried without success,  an attempted suicide, an attempted takeover; especially, law characterized by an intent to commit and effort taken to commit a specified crime that fails or is prevented an attempted robbery,  was charged with attempted murder.

2. Murder: c. 1300, murdre, from Old English morðor (plural morþras) “secret killing of a person, unlawful killing,” also “mortal sin, crime; punishment, torment, misery,” from Proto-Germanic *murthra-(source also of Goth maurþr, and, from a variant form of the same root, Old Saxon morth, Old Frisian morth, Old Norse morð, Middle Dutch moort, Dutch moord, German Mord “murder”), from suffixed form of PIE root *mer- “to rub away, harm” (also “to die” and forming words referring to death and to beings subject to death).

3. Vanquish:  clobber, thrash, paste, pound, pulverize, crucify, demolish, destroy, drub, give someone a drubbing, cane, wipe the floor with, walk all over, give someone a hiding, take to the cleaners, blow someone out of the water, make mincemeat of, murder, massacre, slaughter, flatten, turn inside out, tank

4. Attempted Murder:  In the United States, attempted murder is an inchoate crime. A conviction for attempted murder requires a demonstration of an intentto murder, meaning that the perpetrator either tried to murder and failed (e.g. attempted to shoot the victim and missed or shot the victim and the victim survived) or took a substantial step towards committing a murder (e.g. purchasing a gun or other deadly weapon and writing about his intent to kill).

5. Kill: c. 1200, “to strike, hit, beat, knock;” c. 1300, “to deprive of life, put to death;” perhaps from an unrecorded variant of Old English cwellan “to kill, murder, execute,” from Proto-Germanic *kwaljanan (source also of Old English cwelan “to die,” cwalu “violent death;” Old Saxon quellian “to torture, kill;” Old Norse kvelja “to torment;” Middle Dutch quelen “to vex, tease, torment;” Old High German quellan “to suffer pain,” German quälen “to torment, torture”), from PIE root *gwele- “to throw, reach,” with extended sense “to pierce.” Related: Killedkilling.  Meaningnullify or neutralize the qualities of” is from 1610s. Of time, 1728; of engines 1886; of lights, 1934. Kill-devil, colloquial for “rum,” especially if new or of bad quality, is from 1630s. Dressed to kill first attested 1818 in a letter of Keats (compare killing (adj.) in the sense “overpowering, fascinating, attractive”).

6. Character assassination:  is an attempt to tarnish a person’s reputation, it may involve exaggeration, misleading half-truths, or manipulation of facts to present an untrue picture of the targeted person. It is a form of defamation and can be a form of ad hominem argument.  For living individuals targeted by character assassination attempts, this may result in being rejected by their community, family, or members of their living or work environment, such acts are often difficult to reverse or rectify, and the process is likened to a literal assassination of a human life. The damage sustained can last a lifetime or, for historical figures, for many centuries after their death.

7. War as The War of Terror: ends with thevanquishing of an opponent, with some form or armistice or truce — some kind of surrender instrument or document,” Hoffman says. But in the war on terror, there’s no specific battlefield and the enemy isn’t an army.

8.  The War on Terror:  also known as the Global War on Terrorism, is an international military campaignthat was launched by the United States government after the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001.

9. How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police: Over the past 10 years, law enforcement officials have begun to look and act more and more like soldiers. Here’s why we should be alarmed.

10. Sovereign Citizen: in the attempt to find a clear definition of this stereotype we identify many sources but the key ones are:  DomesticTerroristCop KillerExtremest Moment and the #1 Threat in the USA.   we can site the following sources:  and  and and

11. Use of Fatal Police Force Fact: 987 people have been shot and killed by police in 2017. 963 in 2016.


Summary Question  & Answer

The Question: if around 2000 Americans have been shot and killed by police in the last 2 years is it reasonable to think a man should feel threatened if he has been branded a Cop Killer and Terrorist despite his official claims to the contrary?

Answer: YES;


On 26, April 2018  the Aggrieved received an unsigned Letter from:  

Letter labeled  Foster Care Review;  and further, contained within the body (see below) the Aggrieved, branded a Sovereign Citizen thus put on a list as a Growing domestic Threat to Law Enforcement.  This is not the first time, even after numerous attempts, over many years of rebutting this false presumption,  as the Aggrieved will demonstrate here for the record.  The Aggrieved is once again by said wrongdoers stigmatized without any legitimacy to the effect of perverting the course of justice.  The Aggrieved is being attacked once again so that false evidence will be used to hide the truth.  The implications of labeling the Aggrieved in this manor,  is called Attempted Murder and the Aggrieved will make that case clear herein.   (Exhibit A 2018-4-26 Evidence – Letter from DCF Review falsely Implicating. )

The following names below were on the Letter and as you can see it is not signed:  The entire letter can be furnished upon request by investigators; and further, 

The following quote taken from the FBI Article written by the  By the FBI’s Counterterrorism Analysis Section,

The FBI considers sovereign-citizen extremists as comprising a domestic terrorist movement….”

and further;  18, July 2016 the Aggrieved received notice via Email that a woman, an FBI Agent,  Jennifer Kline of the FBI Anti-Terrorist department showed up at the his office looking for him.  The Aggrieved Called Jennifer the next day and had a pleasant conversation at that time.  During the call Jennifer said she had to ask if the Aggrieved was a Terrorist because someone felt threatened.   The Aggrieved affirmed No u he was not and after a few minutes the woman Agent Jennifer Kline was satisfied and she said thank you and good day and i understand you are not and Aggrieved said i apologize for the misunderstanding;  ( This call and Email: Exhibit B)   and further,

December 2016 in an email to Lexington Police Chief  Mark Corr, one of many emails to Marc who conducted an investigation on behalf of the Aggrieved  said once that the Aggrieved should stop being a sovereign citizen and take his suggestion.   The Aggrieved immediately informed him that he lay no claim to such association or title and let Marc know that Sovereign Citizens were considered Terrorists.  Further the Aggrieved asked Marc,  do you think i am a Terrorist?  Marc said no; (This Email: Exhibit C) and further,

Why now,  April 2018 the Aggrieved receives an official letter implicating him as a Terrorist from:  The Department of Children and Families after the clear evidence will show that 2016 both the FBI and Lexington Police knew this to be false?   

Whereas this fabricated stereotype Sovereign Citizen is equivalent to that of a Terrorist, Cop Killer, #1 Threat to USA  is a clear attempt to Murder the Aggrieved.   The Aggrieved require an investigation as to where this has come from and who makes such false claims to threaten his life,  freedom and property. 

Lastly:  Every man has the right to freedom, to stigmatize one for defending property and freedom is what is to be know as ad-homonym attack a character assassination, political genocide and in this matter, Attempted Murder.  An act of war against the Aggrieved by those who profess to protect said property, life and liberty.  Liberty is what is known as intangible property inherent within mans being and endowed by virtue of mans humanity. 

The Aggrieved has been labeled a Sovereign Citizen by those who purport to hold the mantel of Government of the USA and profess to protect mans property.   This false stigmatization with an agenda of special interest and purpose leading up to the Attempted Murder of the Aggrieved must end now.  (Exhibit D: Bond vs The US can be found here:


First published as “THE SOVEREIGN CITIZEN”
by Judge Dale, retired
Thursday, 11 April 2013

federal government has instructed our federal, state and local police agencies that everyone who purports
to be a SOVEREIGN should be TREATED as a TERRORIST! They have also brainwashed the American
public into believing that being a SOVEREIGN is anti-American and unpatriotic! Perhaps this is “The POT
calling the KETTLE black”?

WHAT IS SOVEREIGNTY? It is the inherent right and prerogative of a civilized people to rule itself, and to
dictate all of the forms and conditions of the institutions it sets up to carry out this rule. Ironically, the U.S.
SUPREME COURT agrees with those people who claim to be SOVEREIGN citizens of the American

• Bond vs. UNITED STATES, 529 US 334 – 2000, The Supreme Court held that the American People
are in fact Sovereign and not the States or the Government. The court went on to define that local,
state and federal law enforcement officers were committing unlawful actions against the Sovereign
People by the enforcement of the laws and are personally liable for their actions.

• Bond v. United States, 529 US 334 – 2000 – Supreme Court – Cited by 761 litigants in other cases.
• Bond v. US, 131 S. Ct. 2355 – 2011 – Supreme Court – Cited by 306 “ “
• Bond v. US, 1 F. 3d 631 – 1993 – Court of Appeals, 7th – Cited by 66 “ “

What are the implications of this 2000, U. S. Supreme Court ruling?
1] The delegates to the first Federal Convention prohibited the use of corporations by all governments
representing the American Republic. Therefore, all of these corporate governments and their corporate laws
are a usurpation of the organic Constitution of the United States of America. All State Governments are now
sub-corporations of the Federal Government, making all Courts and all law enforcement personnel, corporate
federal agencies or employees. [See: James Madison Journal of the Federal Convention, Vol. 2, P. 722] and
[Pull up your State Code on your PC and search the Code for the words “District of Columbia” and “Federal
Government.” You will receive about 1000 references linking your state to the federal government.]
2] The state and federal government is a corporation and therefore the Congress, State Legislatures, City
Councils, Municipalities and all State and Federal Courts are corporate entities posing as Constitutional
branches of government.
3] Corporations are privately owned businesses, meaning that the Corporate United States belongs to one or
more private individuals, which is always governed by a Board of Directors. The Corporate United States is
privately owned by a group of European Royal and Elite individuals tied to the Federal Reserve System and
the letters of incorporation are recorded in the Vatican. The President of the United States is actually the
CEO of the United States and the Congress and all others are corporate employees. Everything they do is in
the interest of the corporate owners! I can’t access those documents because of National Security.
4] In order to promulgate and enforce Criminal Laws to govern the SOVEREIGN public, government must
be SOVEREIGN too, which is an accepted RULE of LAW derived from the, Ancient Law of Kings.
Corporations are not and can never be SOVEREIGN. They are not real; they are a fiction and only exist on

Bond vs. UNITED STATES 2 of 2
5] Therefore, all laws created by these government corporations are private corporate regulations called
public law, statutes, codes and ordinances to conceal their true nature. Do the Judge and your lawyer know
about this? You bet they do!

6] Since these government bodies are not SOVEREIGN, they cannot promulgate or enforce CRIMINAL
LAWS; they can only create and enforce CIVIL LAWS, which are duty bound to comply with the LAW of
CONTRACTS. The Law of Contracts requires signed written agreements and complete transparency! Did
you ever agree to be arrested and tried under any of their corporate statutes? For that matter, did you ever
agree to contract with them by agreeing to be sued for violating their corporate regulations?
Citations and Complaints are contracts but they lack transparency because you were never told what might
happen to you if you agree to contract, and that you had a right to refuse the accommodation!
7] Do any of Americas Courts have Jurisdiction over a SOVEREIGN? Yes … but only by your consent to be
judged by the Court. Can they compel (Summon or Subpoena) you to appear or participate in their process?
No … they can’t compel you and Yes … they can ask but you can reject the accommodation in writing and
nothing can be done about it because you have refused to give the court jurisdiction over you!
8] Enforcement of these corporate statutes by local, state and federal law enforcement officers are unlawful
actions being committed against the SOVEREIGN public and these officers can be held personally liable for
their actions. [Bond v. U.S., 529 US 334-2000]
9] There being no Constitutional Criminal Laws or Transparency in the American Justice System, everyone
arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison under these CIVIL LAWS are in prison by CONSENT and
therein, all American Jails are actually DEBTORS PRISONS!
10] Most of the County and State Prisons and all of the Federal Prisons are privately owned corporate
businesses for profit, which kick back to the sentencing Judges. The Bureau of Prisons Privatization
Management Branch provides general oversight, for these institutions. So if you are convicted in these
Courts, you can expect to serve some jail time! Now you know why America has such high prison
11] Can the State Government and Courts take Custody of your children? Only with your consent, otherwise
their agents and officers can be held personally liable for their actions! Orphans are a different matter and
can become wards of the Court until emancipated.
Corporate governments are a usurpation of the organic American Constitution and this corporatist onslaught
in America has since its creation, been an ANTI-SOVEREIGN and TERRORIST REGIME and are in fact
the real TERRORIST and TRAITORS to the American Republic.
Judge Dale, retired

Exhibit E: 

Michael, who, for over 18 years teaches about the constitution maintains that all 300 million American’s are Sovereign Citizens according to Founding Documents.  The Decoration of Independence and Constitution reveal this Truth.  FYI: that includes law enforcement workers too.   Michael speaks about the intention of the founding fathers to say after the revolutionary war and inception of the founding documents,  no longer was it just king George of England who was endowed with unalienable rights but all Americans.  Thus just as the king of England was a Sovereign now, post revolution, so are all Americans.    

Exhibit F: 

Within the Training manual Investigating Terrorist and Criminal Extremist put out by Bureau of Justice Assistance U.S. Department of Justice.  This is used to help law enforcement identify who is a terrorist and who is a criminal extremest.   

The words Sovereign Citizen(s) appear on page: 5, 6, 9, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19, 31, 32, 50, 56, 57, 61, 63, 66, 69, 70, 71, 74, 78, 81, 84, 86, 87, 91


This Evidences that the D.O.J is training law enforcement to identify Americans as terrorists and criminal extremest if they believe that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution created the Government and that American’s have God given rights. Be very careful not to stand up for yourself, your family or your freedom because you just might be a terrorist according to this kind of training. if you believe in the philosophy of liberty you most certainly would be classified and labeled a terrorist.