Actually, Dads Do a Bit More Work for their Families than Do Moms

Actually, Dads Do a Bit More Work for their Families than Do Moms

June 15, 2019 by Robert Franklin, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

I’ve complained a lot recently about various articles that continue to channel the notion – debunked by even a casual glance at actual data – that women work more than do men.  As I forever point out, studies that ask men and women to keep track of what they do every day and the time spent on each task all but invariably produce similar results.  Those results show that, when we aggregate men’s paid and unpaid work and do the same for women, each sex spends a statistically identical amount of time working each day.  Articles saying otherwise invariably focus on women’s work in the home and ignore men’s work at the office or plant.  Yes, women do more domestic work, but men do more paid work.  Anyone claiming that women are hard put upon by that is simply in search of a complaint to make.

Now comes the Institute for Family Studies to make much the same points but with even more detailed analysis of even more data (IFS, 6/11/19).  Researcher and writer Robert VerBruggen calls the idea of the lazy father a “myth” and rightly so.  

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