Dale: Misrepresenting the Science

Dale: Misrepresenting the Science

December 28, 2018 by Robert Franklin, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

Now we come to the nut of Bud Dale’s claims to the Family Law Advisory Committee of the Kansas Judicial Council.  In my first piece, I dealt with the fact that Dale intentionally misrepresented to the committee NPO’s report on the parenting time guidelines of Ohio family courts.  In my second, I pointed out that he relies on the current system for at least part of his income, a fact that may better explain his opposition to salutary change than any principled opposition to children having meaningful relationships with their father post-divorce.  I also noted that, although he was on the AFCC committee that promulgated guidelines for the use of scientific literature in forensic settings, Dale violated at least three of the ten guidelines in his letter to the Family Law Advisory Committee.

His letter gives a glimpse of his take on shared parenting and the science on parenting time and children’s well-being.

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