Kansas: An Unmarried Father Stops the Adoption of His Son

Kansas: An Unmarried Father Stops the Adoption of His Son

October 10, 2018 by Robert Franklin, Member, National Board of Directors, National Parents Organization

I’ve criticized states many times for their reliance on putative father registries to facilitate adoptions.  Amazingly, those laws place the onus on unmarried men to, in some way, figure out if they’ve fathered a child and, if so, and if Mom places it for adoption, to take the necessary steps to assert their parental rights to stop the adoption and gain custody of the child.  No requirement is placed on the mother to inform the father about his child, even though she’s the one who knows about it.

Plus, he’s required to file a form with the state’s PFR even though, few states make any effort to let men know (a) that it is, (b) what it is or (c) its potential impact on their parental rights.  More amazingly still, PFR states have the gall to claim that those statutes exist to “allow unmarried fathers to assert their rights,” when in fact the registries exist for one reason and one reason only – to remove fathers from the adoption process.

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