Kentucky: Happy Anniversary Equal Parenting!

Kentucky: Happy Anniversary Equal Parenting!

July 14, 2019

One year ago today, the first equal parenting law went into effect in Kentucky.  Happy anniversary equal parenting!

At the time of passage, the bill was the very picture of popularity.  It passed the Kentucky House by a vote of 81-2 and the Senate unanimously.
With a year’s worth of feedback, how’s equal parenting faring in the Bluegrass State?  Numerous sources inform me that it’s doing very well, thank you.

First, it continues to be overwhelmingly popular with everyday folks.  Legislators understood its popularity when they voted for the bill and that support continues.  According to one poll, six out of seven people (84%) support the new law.

But, in the case of shared parenting, simple popularity isn’t enough for a law to be worthwhile.  What’s been its effect on the process of divorce and custody cases?  After all, one of the promises of shared parenting is that it will make the process easier, quicker, less expensive and less stressful for all concerned.

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