Public Statement:

Public Statement:

To All My Family and Friends, and Mankind:

The truth is forsaken, a misrepresentation and perversion, a fraud, a false cause to condemn a good man, to destroy good lives. My life has meaning and value. I empower help, stand for others with love and kind consideration, I do not and would never cause or intend harm. Please do not allow my life to fall in ruin to save face, do not be complicit in fraud and do not succumb to fear. Be bold, bang the drum, protest this bullshit, kick and scream as loud as you can and do not let me rot in this hell for one more second. As God is my witness I am innocent and so is Edythe. Heed my words and know the truth: the ACCIDENT that resulted in harm for Edythe and I is just that, an ACCIDENT and nothing more. I have not talked with her, I hope she is well and healing. I wish I could be there for her and care for her, and I miss that. Unfortunately, I can’t. I’m facing tyranny, injustice and ruin. Every minute, every day. So let me make that clear without sharing too many depressing details.

Rather I will say that: Edythe Murphy is a treasure. It will be a cold day in hell before she becomes a tool for some ambulance chasing vultures who aim to defraud, divide, and destroy our lives and our bond. We are good strong people and our strength and unity, our relationship is based on love not fear. The truth fears no judgement. Find truth in my statement. Edythe Murphy is one of the most beautiful people I know. She’s honest, kind, generous and caring and the list goes on. Despite my overwhelming indignation and irreparable loss I do not lose faith in her. For the record: I indemnify, hold harmless, exonerate Edythe Murphy. I believe that what’s happened is as much a violation to her as it is to me. I hope to dispel the evil from our lives as I bring this truth to light. I am blessed with good will reciprocally. So bang the drum, bang it loud and please don’t stop until your literally standing next to me.I love you all very much!

Thank You,


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